Corrective Liposuction Procedure

Are you disappointed with your liposuction results?

Renew Body Contouring has experience helping patients in Houston correct less than optimal liposuction results.At Renew we specialize in body contouring using non evasive procedures so a second liposuction surgery may not be necessary and at 1/10 the cost. Liposuction results such as unnatural indentations, lumps, sagging, and creases can usually be improved with either our Coolsculpting treatment that freeze’s the fat away or our BellaContour system which uses ultrasound to breakdown fat cells and smooth and contour the skin.

Our Houston clients appreciate the results they have received in effective non evasive body contouring. So depending on the results you want and the areas that require treatment will determine which treatment is best for you. A free consultation with one of our trained consultants will provide you with the best course of action to enhance the results of you liposuction surgery.