Liposonic Cavitation

Ultrasound Cavitation Is The Next Generation in Body Contouring & Fat Loss


Renew Body Contouring & MedSpa in Houston answers the burning question in the Heath & Beauty industry, “What is the best weight-loss device to lose inches, achieve SAME-DAY results, painlessly without down time?” Kat Kearns, dedicated to health and medical group in “Vanity” central, Houston, Texas has become quite familiar with the ever-popular “QUICK FIXES” to trim, tone, tighten and squeeze into that perfect dress before a big event. Her celebrity clients expects it and expects those best methods that work and work well. Even her non-celebrity clientele, the businessman or woman, rely on her to keep them look and feeling younger to compete for their jobs. This is accomplished regularly in her Galleria clinic as well as at all of her exclusive Renew-2-U Events, Kat Kearns, Expert in body contouring and non-surgical fat loss devices has reviewed the newest and latest body contouring devices on the market today and believes in offering multiple modalities in Body Contouring and Skin Tightening to her clients to ensure best results for each individual . Kat Kearns concludes your best choice for Body Shaping to achieve SAME-DAY, immediate circumferential Loss (inch Loss) is the Lumicell-LumiWave or our Ultra Slim Plus line of Ultrasound Lipo-sculpturing equipment as the winner. These devices have the highest frequencies and success in the market for:

Targeted Fat Reduction
Body Shaping
Skin Tightening
Same Day Results
No-Down Time, No Needles, No Pain
For Body Slimming Experts it is the natural alternative to Liposuction and other Aesthetic Devices for Body Contouring.

There are other laser type machines on the market place like the i-lipo, Zerona, and Lipolight that have gained much popularity recently. When they first came out we personally tested and used them in our locations, and found very few benefits and many negative issues that were not ideal for us our our clients. They look cool and could be the future, but we found them expensive, fragile, non-permanent, and necessitated other methods to aid the body to remove liquid fat in order to obtain results.

Where those lasers work well is in combination with surgical liposuction, when the fat itself is exposed, but the again it’s surgery!

What separates my opinion from others that may offer this equipment is I use this equipment in a clinical setting, and I’ve personally tested it on myself as well as compared to use with other devices. I as well as my clients demand immediate results, our mutual success depends on it. Below is why we evolved and moved to the newer Ultrasound fat melting technology, the non-surgical alternative to Liposuction.

Although most Laser body contouring units DO NOT destroy fat cells like CoolSculpting or BodyFX. The lasers work by increasing the metabolism (heat) of the fat cell, this heat opens the cell, and the contents leak out. The fat cell shrinks allowing the fat to move out slowly over time. Fat cells typically remain active for 48 hours following laser-shaping sessions necessitating treatment every 48 to 72 hours for a minimum of 2 weeks or 6 session to see results.

Commitment from you is a necessity, if sessions are missed the patient will see little to no results. Often 6 – 12 sessions are needed to see change in circumference, skin tightening or inch loss. Although you see immediate results, long term desired results can take up to 4-6 weeks before changes will last. Instant results can be temporary as fat cells remain intact and can simply refill however, ultrasound cavitation breaks down the fat cells.

People are very unhappy with the long-term results of Traditional or Laser Liposuction devices and find it difficult to keep the fat off and not have it end up reappearing in unwanted areas later on in life, causing more unattractive and expensive Liposuction Corrective Procedures


Targeted Fat Reduction due to the power of ultrasound vibrating and breaking down the fat cell at localized targeted areas. Body Shaping due to the hands on device allows for vibrations to encourage lymphatic flow and movement of fat beginning within minutes of treatment.

Skin Tightening through the power of ultrasonic waves and radio frequency waves that stimulate collagen production and ATP below the muscle layer causing instant skin tightening that your patient can feel immediately and through the coming days. See immediate results the same day, with No-Down Time, No Needles, and No Pain.

Body Slimming Experts also provide advice on cleanses and exercise tips.

The Intelligent alternative to Liposuction and other Aesthetic Devices for Body Contouring the Ultra-Slim line of lipo cavitation devices is the industry leader in the market today.

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