Radiesse® is a dermal filler proven to be a safe option that accomplishes more than reduce lines and wrinkles.  It is a facial filler that truly volumizes.  Radiesse facial filler is the latest treatment for facial fold and wrinkle correction in Houston.  These injectable dermal fillers can restore a naturally youthful look that lasts by gradually stimulating in-growth collagen in the patient’s own tissue.

For women in Houston, Radiesse® is a proven option provided by the Skin Spa that can address the individualized need of the patient for a long-lasting result in a single treatment.  The treatment is made using a calcium hyroluronic acid (CaHA) to be placed via injection beneath the skin.  These CaHA particles stimulate the natural growth of collagen in the patient’s own soft facial tissue.

Radiesse® Is No-Risk Treatment

RADIESSE® has undergone extensive medical scrutiny in various studies.  This is an important advantage over other fillers, in that there is essentially no risk of allergic reaction. So the patient need not be concerned with their body’s rejection of the Radiesse® treatment.

Long-lasting Radience with Radiesse®

RADIESSE® provides a correction that many patients see continuing results from as many as one to two years.

The injectable will not calcify, harden, or damage your skin and surrounding soft facial tissue.

Tender Side Effects

One should be aware that although there are is virtually no risk of allergic reaction, there may be some side effects reported by a few individuals.  Just as with any facial filler, these include swelling, bruising, pain, itching, and tenderness at injection sites

Radiesse® dermal filler is a facial contouring material made from calcium hydroxiapatite (CaHA), a primary component of teeth and bones. It is supplied in an injectable form and remains soft, pliable and non-calcified. There have been no reported allergic reactions or side effects and no skin testing is required. Once injected, Radiesse® takes on the characteristics of the surrounding tissue.

Radiesse® injections are typically performed in the doctor’s offices under local anesthesia (meaning that the patient is awake during the procedure). The process is very brief, with the maximum amount of time necessary being around fifteen minutes. The patient may experience some minor discomfort with this procedure, mainly due to the insertion of the needle under the skin.

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