Sculptra® is a treatment option that allows your body to begin regenerating collagen naturally and safely. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of wrinkles or facial scars, Sculptra® is a great way to erase these lines with a non-surgical procedure. This treatment should leave you looking younger and filled with confidence.

Sculptra® Facts

At our medical spa in Houston, TX, Dr. Freeman prefers to use Sculptra over other cosmetic fillers. Sculptra® is used to treat the effects of scars and wrinkles on a person’s face. The main component of Sculptra® is poly-L-lactic acid or PLA, which is diluted in water and injected into areas in a patient’s face (after these areas have been numbed).
The PLA in this solution stimulates natural collagen development in a patient’s skin, which fills in the lines created by scars and wrinkles. Within only a few treatment sessions, you can receive the same results that a facelift would provide without a surgical procedure. It is safe to use Sculptra® in conjunction with several other facial treatments (ie. BOTOX®Cosmetic injections, facelifts, etc.). A Sculptra® procedure is very popular with patients who have previously undergone a facelift procedure and are looking for a non-invasive way to overcome the effects that time, stress, and environment continue to have on their face.

Sculptra® Recuperation and Healing

Unlike more invasive procedures, Sculptra® patients are able to return to their normal activities following a treatment session. While minor bruising or swelling is possible near the injection site, these side effects typically resolve themselves within a few days.
Any procedure brings with it certain risks that need to be understood and addressed prior to treatment. At your personal consultation, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Freeman can discuss with you what risks the procedure may bring and any additional risk factors that may affect you individually.


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