BodyTite – The latest in perminent fat cell removal

BodyTite by Invasix is the latest innovation for Permanent Fat Removal but also tightens the skin and increases the collagen. The best thing about this body sculpting procedure is it’s all done without surgery or lengthy downtime exceeding the goals of many people who are seeking to better fit into their clothes or to regain their youthful shape! I am sure you have heard it all – the new best thing that promises to “melt fat” away without any major diet or exercise, but doesn’t quite deliver the goods. The truth is… nothing removes fat like a combination of diet and exercise however, we know that requires a lot of personal time and consistency to achieve your desired results!  If this fails, what are your options? Traditional liposuction can predictably remove fat in specific areas and produce excellent body contouring that can last like no other method but has pain and significant downtime involved. Of course, when it comes to non-invasive treatments (treatments without surgery) the results may be as significant and exactly what you need, you just didn’t know it could be reached without surgery. At the same time, non-invasive treatments are just that – non-invasive – and can fit into our busy lifestyles better, even if they are not as perfect as liposuction. So now that we are talking about non-invasive treatments – let’s focus on the topic at hand – The New TiteFx.

What is TiteFx?

TiteFx is an alternative to traditional liposuction. It is the newest form of fat reduction and tissue tightening available in Canada. It is really a revolutionary product combining the proven power of radio-frequency energy, vacuum and electroporation (a fancy name describing the formation of holes in fat cell membranes). It is really this combination of effects that produces fat reduction as well as skin tightening. The future is here and TiteFx is available for those who wish to lose fat and tighten their skin.

How does TiteFx work?

For those of us who like to know how things work (even though most of us do not know how a car works), here is the summary of how TiteFx works. The machine is a combination of many different successful technologies, including radio-frequency and a combination of vacuum and HV electroporation pulses. The radio-frequency precisely delivers heat to the dermis and underlying fat to cause tissue heating, collagen formation and skin tightening. This is combined with vacuum energy and HV electroporation pulses that permanently destroy fat cells (adipocytes). It is this combination and permanent fat destruction and skin/tissue tightening that creates enhanced body contouring that is unique to this advanced treatment modality.

What are the advantages of TiteFx over other non-invasive modalities?

Of course, liposuction and the new BodyTite are the gold standards when it comes to removal of fat cells for the purpose of body contouring. However, not all patients need or want this effective but invasive treatment option. The quest for an alternative to liposuction has led us to UltraShape, Velashape, Zeltiq and Liposonix. Although these modalities offer significant benefits, none of them combine fat reduction with tissue tightening. With these benefits, TiteFx is really unique and stands alone as an excellent way to treat stubborn body fat areas with little to no pain or side effects.

What is the TiteFx treatment like?

TiteFx is the ultramodern way to safely and effectively remove unwanted fat and tighten skin at the same time. It is a walk-in and walk-out procedure with no downtime. Patients can resume their normal activities right after the treatments are performed. During the treatments, a special gel is applied to the skin to facilitate conduction. The parameters that are set are individualized to treat selected areas and provide comfort for the patients. The duration of each treatment depends on the number of areas needing therapy. Generally speaking, each area can take up to 30 minutes but smaller areas need less time.

What do the treatments feel like?

The purpose of TiteFx is to deliver various forms of energy to the skin and fat in order to have tissue tightening and fat reduction. As such, there is some heat as well as pulses of electricity delivered. The heat delivered feels like a warm sensation on the skin. There is also vacuum suction and the resulting feeling is that of pulling on the skin. When the desired skin temperature is reached, a pulse of electrical energy is delivered and it feels like a strong tap on the skin. Each patient’s tolerance varies and the parameters can be individualized for comfort.

How many treatments do I need?

Although each patient’s results vary, most people need 6-8 treatments that can be done weekly or every other week. Fundamentally, the number of treatments needed depends on the needs of the patient as well as the degree of correction required. We deliver the energy to the skin and ask your tissue to make good use of it. As with everything, each person is different and the response depends on the way that your body processes and utilizes that energy.

What areas can be treated with TiteFx?

TiteFx is very versatile and can treat many different parts of the body to produce fat reduction and skin tightening. Many trouble zones can be treated including abdomen, arms, upper back, lower back, thighs as well as hips and waist. Generally speaking, we recommend that your most troubled areas be treated first. In this way, you can see benefits where it really counts.

What other procedures can be combined with TiteFx?

The versatility of TiteFx is tremendous as multiple body areas can be treated. The treatments can also be combined with other procedures such as Fractora Firm, Fractora Plus as well as laser, IPL and topical treatment technologies. Fractora Firm and Fractora Plus are additional therapies that promote further skin contraction and enhance TiteFx results. Lasers and IPL modalities can deal with issues like pigmentation (red or brown) as well as stretch marks and scars. Topical treatments can also enhance TiteFx results by further promoting collagen production, skin firmness and texture.

What are the side effects of the treatments?

Treatments with TiteFx are very gentle. The energies are selected to provide the best combination of comfort and effectiveness. The ultramodern TiteFx is a form of non-surgical body contouring and as such there must be energy delivered to the skin. Fortunately, the treatments are designed to be walk-in and walk-out procedures with no or minimal downtime. It is common for patients to experience some skin dryness, redness as well as petechiae (small pinpoint red-purple marks) from the vacuum energy. These effects are transient, and are only present for a few hours to a few days.

TiteFx is a real unique addition to our treatment options for unwanted fat as well as bonus skin tightening. Its unique design is truly remarkable with built-in safety and effectiveness. Like all treatments that focus on fat reduction, it is important to also adhere to a healthy diet and engage in meaningful exercise. It is time to take control of your body shape and TiteFx is here to help.