ReNew Body Contouring & Med Spa specializes in the latest FDA approved fat cell removal device named BodyFX ( formally known as TiteFX ) by Invasix.  It is the latest innovation in Houston for Fat Cell Removal and Cellulite Reduction, but also shrinks fat cells, tightens the skin and increases the collagen in the area treated.

The best thing about this body sculpting procedure is that it’s all done without surgery or lengthy downtime, exceeding the goals of many people who are seeking to better fit into their clothes or to regain their youthful shape!

I am sure you have heard it all … like the new best thing that promises to “melt fat” away without any major diet or exercise, but doesn’t quite deliver the goods!!! The truth is… nothing removes fat like a combination of diet and exercise, however, we know that requires a lot of personal time and consistency to achieve your desired results!  If this fails, what are your options? Traditional liposuction can predictably remove fat in specific areas, but has pain and significant downtime involved as well as risks of rippled and uneven results that only seem to get worse as you age.  Of course, when it comes to non-invasive treatments like this one, the results may be as significant and exactly what you need, you just didn’t know that body contouring procedure without surgery could be reached. At the same time, non-invasive treatments are just that – non-invasive – and can fit into our busy lifestyles better, even if they are not as perfect as liposuction. This treatment if performed in a series of 6-8 treatments ranging in 5 days- 15 days apart. We can treat and remove suborn areas of fat, loose skin, cellulite, and correction of traditional liposuction where pockets of fat cells were left behind. This treatment can be performed all over the body and does give undeniable long lasting and permanent results! Call for a consultation to make sure this is the body contouring procedure for you.