Benefits of  Strawberry Lipo Laser at Renew Body Contouring in Houston

Slim down stubborn fat from head to toe!

At Renew we see a growing number of people balancing a successful professional and personal life style, unfortunately neglecting their health and physical fitness. When you do try or finally make the commitment to a adhere to a work out routine, you’re usually struggling in achieving an unrealistic timeline for your goals. Your spirit is broken quickly when your expectations don’t get you to that look you desired and quickly. No more love handles, thinner thighs, smaller stomach, etc…  Not anymore! Kick start that inch loss with just one Strawberry Lipo Laser Treatment. Loose 10 inches from head to toe inyour first  treatment. No Pain, No Downtime, No Surgery! Don’t make looking good a full time job to achieve… Call Today! 281-201-0101


 Chech out these results with just 6-8 ~treatments in 2-3 weeks!

(Results Vary Per Person)

Check out these great results for your arms! This is one of many sculpted, targeted fat loss areas that you can work hard yet never get quick results! 3 ~20 min treatments on each arm and you are photo ready!

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